García de la Cruz White Wine Vinegar (250ml)

García de la Cruz White Wine Vinegar (250ml)

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García de la Cruz Vinegars – White Wine Vinegar

Selection of high-quality vinegar in spray dispensers that facilitate an even spread of the vinegar. They are an ideal complement to Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

About García de la Cruz:

García de la Cruz is a 148 year old family business founded in 1872 by Adelaida Fernandez-Cuellar. Adelaida's husband Federico was working as an attorney and a public administrator while she was building the family company and her accomplishments are unquestionable. She was building a successful business at that time when women were often restricted to domestic chores and it was uncommon for a woman to work outside of the house. In 1931 Federico and Adelaida's daughter Guadelupe took over the family business. Then three more generations to come until the fifth generation. Today Fernando García de la Cruz Pascual and Eusebio García de la Cruz Pascual manage the family farm on 400 hectares with 120.000 trees. Nowadays García de la Cruz is an international business known for its quality products. To sustain their business their top priority is to use environmental-friendly agricultural techniques such as monitored drip irrigation and fertigation, drip fertilization. They also recycle all byproducts from the olive oil-making processes. The leftover skin, pit and pulp of the olives are composted and transformed naturally into organic fertilizers. García de la Curz are also committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by implementing concrete measures in its activity. We think Gracía de la Cruz’s secret is that their business goal is not maximizing profit, but to assure the Family’s next generation’s future. 

ElOlivo review:

We love it with our gem lettuce and with some García de la Cruz Early Harvest Organic EVOO. You add some salt and pepper and it’s a simple as that.

Origin: Castilla–La Mancha, Spain

Best before date: 11/2023