UMBRA from Deortegas - Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250 ml)
UMBRA from Deortegas - Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250 ml)

UMBRA from Deortegas - Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250 ml)

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UMBRA from Deortegas - Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250 ml)

An infusion that concentrates all the flavours of wild mushrooms, the damp earthiness of the forest and plant aromas that all come together in perfect harmony.

Created in collaboration with the Murcian chef David López, from the Local de Ensayo Restaurant, it combines Deortegas Cornicabra extra virgin olive oil with wild mushrooms, aromatic plants, a traditional purple garlic from the region and a natural moss extract.

A powerful condiment that stands out for its multitude of uses in the kitchen we recommend it to dress a plate of pasta, or fish, meat, vegetables, rice and sauces. Drizzled over a dish it will act as the unifying thread without the need for anything more.

Perfect for finishing dishes or on it's own with good bread - it's simply delicious.

Cold pressed. Produced with the greatest respect for the natural environment.

About Almazara Deortegas:

Almazara Deortegas was founded in 2008. A young and dynamic family-run business working on 170 hectares with 33000 olive trees. Although the company is young the Deortegas family has more than 30 years of experience producing organic olive oils. They sustain non-intensive traditional farming. They are committed to respectful farming which results an exceptional organic olive oil. Throughout the years the family developed an integrated and sustainable agriculture model. They recycle all the by-products of olive oil production. Almazara Deortegas is an organic company, who sets an example for many of us to appreciate our natural environment. All of their EVOOs are amazing, won countless national (Spanish) and international awards. The Deortegas EVOOs aren’t a mass-produced product, it's all about quality and sustainability.

ElOlivo review:

After waiting for the most interesting and delicious one, we are proud to introduce the first infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil to our shop. This unique EVOO infusion is the result of a collaboration between Deortegas and Murcian chef David López, from the Local de Ensayo Restaurant. Upon opening a bottle, we immediately noticed the intense aromas of wild mushrooms that transported us to a forest after a rainy day. We have never experienced such strong aromas before in an infused oil. On the palate, we tasted a variety of wild mushrooms with earthy aftertones. This oil is best used as a finishing oil, particularly for creamy pasta dishes or steaks. It is also a perfect accompaniment to cheese and meat platters. The flavor is truly mind-blowing! If you love mushrooms, this is the oil for you.

Origin: Murcia, Spain

Harvest season: 2022/23

Best before date: 09/2024

Please note, all the product descriptions are only indicators for tasting the oils. When you choose olive oil always take into consideration your personal preferences, especially when it comes to bitterness and spiciness.