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Agricola Grains Refined Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil (3L BIB)

Agricola Grains Refined Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil (3L BIB)

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Agricola Grains Refined Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil - 3L Bag in Box

Producer's notes:


Acidity (expressed in oleic acid): < 0,1 %
Peroxide number: maximum 2 meq O2/Kg

Acid composition
Palmitic acid: 2.6-5.0%
Stearic acid: 2.9-6.2%
Oleic acid: more than 75-90,7%
Linoleic acid: less than 2.1-17%
Linolenic acid: maximum 0.3%
Iodine number: 78-90
Smoke point: higher than 200°C

Specific weight: 90,9-91,5 kg/hl (a 25°)

Total fat 100 ml - 100 g
saturates: 9.1 g - 10,0 g
monounsaturates: 72.2 g - 79,0 g
polyunsaturates: 10.1 - 11,0 g
carbohydrates: 0 - 0
protein: 0 - 0 energy: 3382 KJ/823 Kcal - 3700 KJ/900 Kcal
taste: typical of sunflower seeds
colour: yellow

 ideal for frying and excellent for the food industry.

at room temperature, away from sources of light and heat.

About Refined Organic Sunflower oil:

Refined organic sunflower oil is a type of cooking oil that is derived from organic sunflower seeds through a process of refining. The term "refined" indicates that the oil has undergone a refining process, which typically involves removing impurities, such as free fatty acids, pigments, and undesirable odors, to produce a clearer, lighter-colored, and more neutral-flavored oil.

The designation "organic" indicates that the sunflower seeds used to produce the oil were grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, and were cultivated following organic farming practices that prioritize soil health, biodiversity, and ecological balance.

Overall, refined organic sunflower oil is valued for its mild flavor, high smoke point, and versatility in cooking applications, making it suitable for frying, baking, sautéing, and salad dressings. Additionally, its organic certification assures consumers that it meets specific standards for organic agriculture, offering a product that is perceived as more environmentally friendly and potentially healthier compared to conventionally produced oils.

About Agricola Grains:

The founders of Agricola Granis have been active in the agri-food industry since 1930. By 1965, the family business had become a significant player in Italy's agri-food sector. In 1991, with the introduction of the first regulations for organic production, Massimo and Monica, the children of Pietro Roncon, recognized the importance of prioritizing people and the environment. Consequently, they made the decision to shift away from conventional chemical agriculture and establish Agricola Grains.

Since then, Agricola Grains has emerged as a respected company known for its organic products. Presently, they collaborate closely with over 1500 trusted Italian farmers, overseeing the entire crop cultivation process from seeding to harvest. They supply organic seeds directly to growers and ensure 100% traceability throughout the agri-food chain. Monitoring each stage of growth, harvesting, and distribution is essential to guarantee the natural quality of their products.

Massimo and Monica Roncon firmly believe that the future lies in abandoning chemical farming practices in favor of eco-sustainable agricultural methods that prioritize the well-being of the earth and the enduring values it embodies.

ElOlivo review:

As you likely know, we have a strong preference for olive oil in our cooking endeavors. However, due to its soaring prices, we recently found ourselves seeking an alternative for frying. After extensive research, we came across Agricola Grains, an Italian company renowned for producing quality sunflower oil. Their commitment to quality and traceability throughout the production process stood out to us.

Given its refined nature, this sunflower oil doesn't offer much in terms of aroma or taste, save for a subtle sunflower seed flavor. We reserve its use solely for frying and high-heat cooking activities. It's a recommendation we extend to fellow food enthusiasts and both amateur and professional chefs who rely heavily on oil in their culinary pursuits. While we still advocate for the use of olive oil whenever feasible, this sunflower oil serves as a cost-effective substitute for frying purposes. It has a high smoke point, no smell, just a little sunflower seed taste, and it is organic with a good price; it does the job!

Origin: Italy

Best before date: 03/04/2025

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