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Armada Timberworks Walnut & Ash Face Grain Cutting Board

Armada Timberworks Walnut & Ash Face Grain Cutting Board

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A classic cutting board for the contemporary kitchen, these solid wood cutting boards are a timeless favourite. These boards make incredible housewarming or wedding gifts that will last and be loved for a lifetime! Each board is made from kiln dried walnut and ash sourced from sustainable forests. Due to the nature of wood each board is unique and may differ slightly in tones and natural patterns to the picture.

Board size: Approximately 39cm X 24cm X 3cm

About Armada Timberworks:

Armada Timberworks is small business based in Co. Sligo Ireland ran by Oisin Brady who has a passion for creating quality and beautiful handcrafted wooden products. Want to know more, find them on Facebook & Instagram @ArmadaTimberworks.

How to best care for your new cutting board:

First of all, DO NOT put you cutting board in the Dishwasher! Wood Cutting Boards dislike water and extreme heat so that means submerging it in water is off limits too. Here is what you should do instead:
- You can wipe your board off with soap and water, just make sure you dry it right away and make sure it is standing upright to dry. If you lie it flat the wet side may warp, and you do not want that. A great natural way to clean your board without any detergents is by using Lemon Juice or White Vinegar. The acid in these liquids breaks up and removes any organic residues left over on the surface.
- It is a good idea to oil your board frequently. This conditions the wood and keeps it from cracking or splintering. To oil your board properly first make sure it is completely dry. Then completely douse your board with oil – it should be dripping wet all around. After that, leave it to absorb as long as possible, ideally overnight and make sure you leave it upright, ideally on a wire rack for best effect. Make sure your Mineral Oil is FOOD GRADE, not the stuff from the hardware store that is intended for machines. You also want to avoid cooking oils like Olive or Walnut Oil as these will go rancid over time.

We hope your new board serves you for many happy years of cooking.

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