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Bacci Noemio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3L CAN) – Moraiolo, Frantoio & Leccino Blend

Bacci Noemio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3L CAN) – Moraiolo, Frantoio & Leccino Blend

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Bacci Noemio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3L CAN) – Moraiolo, Frantoio & Leccino 

100% Cold-pressed, certified ICEA Organic olive oil.

Harvest: commences in early October.

Extraczion: employing a continuous method using cutting-edge Alfa Laval technology, ensuring adherence to the highest quality standards. Olives are milled within 24 hours of harvesting, meticulously defoliated, and washed. Grinding occurs in a low-oxygen environment with closed grinders, maintaining extraction temperatures below 27°C. Crushing methods—whether disc or hammer crushers—are selected based on cultivar and harvest time, following established quality standards endorsed by national and international research, including recommendations from the University of Perugia's Department of Agricultural Industries and Quality Improvement of extra virgin olive oil.

Filtration: the oil undergoes filtration to preserve its organoleptic and health properties.

Appearence: clear.

Color: exhibits a green hue with golden yellow highlights.

Storage: conducted in fully climate-controlled facilities and stainless steel containers under a nitrogen seal. Subsequently, barrels are hermetically sealed in a protected environment to optimize preservation.

Bottling: utilizes a fully automated system within a nitrogen stream.

Moraiolo variety:

Moraiolo is an Italian variety and originates from the Tuscany region. It is well known for the quality of the oil it produces. The Moraiolo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a distinctively fruity oil with high intensity of bitterness- and spiciness. Olive Oil made from the Moraiolo variety has pleasant aromas of fresh grass, green almond and artichoke.

Frantoio variety:

Frantoio is an Italian olive variety originally from the Tuscany region. Frantoio olives have excellent organoleptic characteristics therefore their EVOO is highly appreciated all around the World. The olive oil made from Frantoio olives has very high stability, which makes it suitable even for frying. Its oil has a fruity flavour with mild spicy and bitter notes. Typical aromas are fresh herb, tomato, lettuce, artichoke, apple, grain, rosemary, celery, and almond.

Leccino variety:

Leccino is one of the rustic Italian varieties, mainly cultivated through Umbria and Tuscany. Nowadays it is expanding to the regions of Lazio, Puglia, Abruzzo, Campania and Marche. You can find Leccino olive trees all around the World, thanks to their good adaptability and high productivity. It is a well-appreciated olive due to its delicate flavour.  The oil made from Leccino olives is sweet with balanced spicy and bitterness. Typical aromas: escarole, artichoke, almond and black pepper.

About Azienda Agraria Noemio Bacci:

The story of Noemio Bacci Olive Oil begins back in 1947, in the quaint village of Umbria, where a young Noemio made the life-altering decision to dedicate himself to the craft of olive oil production. Over the years, Azienda Agraria Noemio Bacci flourished into a renowned enterprise celebrated for its exceptional products. Today, boasting 36 hectares of olive orchards comprising 11,000 trees and a state-of-the-art olive mill, their legacy stands strong after 70 years. Four generations of unwavering commitment, expertise, and fervor breathe life into these exquisite oils. But the Bacci Family saga doesn't conclude here. Presently, Noemio, named after his grandfather, meticulously preserves the family heritage and oversees the farm's thriving domestic and international presence. With love and pride, the Bacci family invites you to bring a taste of Umbria into your home. A story of a beautiful family, a breathtaking land, and truly exceptional Olive Oil.

ElOlivo Review:

Bacci Noemio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil embodies the essence of Italy - a versatile and exquisite oil suitable for any culinary occasion. Upon opening a bottle, one is greeted by its enchanting aromas, reminiscent of olive leaves and apples, complemented by subtle hints of basil. On the palate, it reveals its captivating complexity, showcasing distinct notes of lettuce, artichoke, chicory, and apple. While it offers a hint of spice and bitterness, these flavors are harmoniously balanced. This oil exudes a sense of richness and completeness, as if it captures the very essence of harmony. It's clear that we've found a new favorite for our kitchen. Whether drizzling over roasted Portobello mushrooms and feta cheese or enhancing fresh homemade hummus, this oil elevates every dish. Its versatility extends to frying, cooking, baking, or dressing. A heartfelt gift from the Bacci Family. Enjoy!

Origin: Umbria, Italy

Harvest season: 2023/24

Best before date:  22/11/2025

Please note, all the product descriptions are only indicators for tasting the oils. When you choose olive oil always take into consideration your personal preferences, especially when it comes to bitterness and spiciness.

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