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Bocaj Stara Kortina Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - Buga, Leccino & Frantoio Blend

Bocaj Stara Kortina Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - Buga, Leccino & Frantoio Blend

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Bocaj Stara Kortina Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - Buga, Leccino & Frantoio Blend

Altitude: Hill  (250m – 370m  a.s.l.)

Cultivationsystem:Polyconic Vase,   6 x 6

Harvest: handpicking, the first week of October

Milling:Olives are picked and milled daily

Extraction: Cold pressed by continuous cycle.

Acidity:  0.20 %  OleicAcid.

Buga variety: 

Buga, an indigenous variety originating from Slovenian Istria, is distinguished by a moderately sized tree adorned with a luxuriant crown. The oil content within its fruits is comparatively modest, falling below that of the Leccino and Frantoio varieties. Renowned for its nuanced and refined flavor profile, Buga olive oil presents a harmonious blend of spiciness and bitterness. Notably, its nutritional value is heightened by an elevated concentration of polyphenols, rendering Buga olive oil a judicious and health-conscious selection.

Frantoio variety:

Frantoio is an Italian olive variety originally from the Tuscany region. Frantoio olives have excellent organoleptic characteristics therefore its EVOO is highly appreciated all around the World. The olive oil made from Frantoio olives has very high stability, which makes it suitable even for frying. Its oil has a fruity flavour with mild spicy and bitter notes. Typical aromas are fresh herb, tomato, lettuce, artichoke, apple, grain, rosemary, celery and almond.

Leccino variety:

Leccino is one of the rustic Italian varieties, mainly cultivated through Umbria and Tuscany. Nowadays it is expanding to the regions of Lazio, Puglia, Abruzzo, Campania and Marche. You can find Leccino olive trees all around the World, thanks to their good adaptability and high productivity. It is a well-appreciated olive due to its delicate flavour.  The oil made from Leccino olives is sweet with balanced spicy and bitterness. Typical aromas: escarole, artichoke, almond and black pepper.

About Janko Bocaj:

Janko Bocaj epitomizes the spirit of a dedicated small-scale olive oil producer. Overseeing a quaint 6-hectare farm, with 3 hectares dedicated to a flourishing olive grove housing 650 trees. His unwavering commitment to perfection is evident in the outstanding quality of his olive oil, acknowledged by international grading organizations through numerous prestigious awards.
Beyond his pursuit of excellence, Janko is deeply committed to producing high-quality olive oil sustainably. His conscientious farming practices not only yield exceptional oil but also contribute to the preservation of the environment. Through sustainable farming methods, he ensures the longevity of the olive grove, demonstrating a profound respect for the land and its resources.
Janko's remarkable oil has positioned him as one of the foremost producers in Slovenia. Despite producing a modest 4 hectoliters of oil, his dedication to quality and sustainability is a beacon in the industry. We are privileged that he has chosen to share a few bottles of his extraordinary oil with us in Ireland, reflecting both his commitment to excellence and his role as a responsible steward of the environment.

ElOlivo Review:

We were overjoyed to come across Janko and his incredible olive oil. It's safe to say that we take pride in being the exclusive shop in Ireland to offer olive oil from Slovenia. The rich tradition of cultivating olive trees in Istria spans thousands of years, creating a deep-rooted legacy in olive oil production. Janko's Stara Kortina seems to be a fitting heir to these longstanding traditions.
This oil delights the senses with enchanting aromas of wild chicory, artichoke, lettuce, and subtle hints of herbs like rosemary and mint. Tasting it reveals a symphony of flavors reminiscent of black pepper, cinnamon, and rocket, culminating in a delightful almond finish. Its pronounced spiciness is thoughtfully balanced by a medium bitterness, making it an oil of remarkable refinement.
Given its distinct profile, we prefer using it to add a finishing touch and savoring it alongside some warm focaccia or artisan sourdough, complemented by the rich flavors of blue cheese and prosciutto crudo. This oil truly embodies the essence of Istria, making it a gem well worth exploring. Enjoy!

Origin: Istria, Slovenia

Harvest season: 2023/234

Best before date: 06/2025

Please note, all the product descriptions are only indicators for tasting the oils. When you choose olive oil always take into consideration your personal preferences, especially when it comes to bitterness and spiciness.

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