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Bodegas Toro Albalá - Arrope - "PX Grape Syrup" Condiment (500ml)

Bodegas Toro Albalá - Arrope - "PX Grape Syrup" Condiment (500ml)

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 Bodegas Toro Albalá - Arrope - "PX Grape Syrup" Condiment (500ml)

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What is Arrope?

Arrope is reduced grape juice (must) to syrup. The first written mention of the syrup comes from the Greek physician Hippocrates around the fifth-century BC. Its main usage was to help preserve and sweeten wine. It was also added to fruit and meat dishes as a sweetening and souring agent. Before the wide availability of inexpensive cane sugar, it was used as a sweetener. Nowadays in the Mediterranean, its culinary use as a condiment. In Spain, it is mostly made from grape varieties such as Pedro Ximénez.

About Bodegas Toro Albalá:

The remarkable story of Bodegas Toro Albalá begins in 1844, when the Toro Albalá Family established a small wine cellar to provide their beloved family tavern with house wine. Through the generations, in 1922, José María Toro Albalá made a significant investment by acquiring the town's power plant, which he transformed into a wine cellar. This move was a turning point, allowing the family's wine to become more than just a beverage; it marked the official founding of Bodegas Toro Albalá.

Fast-forwarding to the 1970s, Antonio Sánchez introduced a pioneering approach to winemaking. He focused his passion on Andalusia's unique grape variety, the Pedro Ximénez of Montilla Moriles, and crafted it into a true masterpiece, putting Bodegas Toro Albalá on the global stage as a producer of exceptional wines.

While Bodegas Toro Albalá is celebrated for its superb wine quality, they also offer an equally splendid range of vinegars. During our visit to Madrid, we had the pleasure of tasting Bodegas Toro Albalá's vinegar, and it was an enchanting experience that captured our hearts. Therefore, we brought it back home to share with you.

ElOlivo Review:

Undoubtedly, a must-have in our condiment collection, this has quickly become our absolute favorite. Since our initial taste, we've been finding every opportunity to incorporate it into our meals. Even our neighbor has fallen in love with it. When you crack open the bottle, your senses are immediately greeted by enchanting sweet scents of caramel, plum, grape, and raisin. During the tasting, the caramel flavor takes the spotlight, followed by the delightful notes of raisin and grape, with subtle hints of plum and fig. Remarkably, it also carries some intriguing smoky undertones. Its texture is akin to silk, making it even more appealing. It's truly a beautiful addition to our culinary repertoire, and we can't fathom how we managed without Arrope. We use it to elevate our salads, pair it with olive oil for dipping, and infuse it into marinades for meat, fish, and vegetables. For breakfast, a few drops in your granola and yogurt are a game-changer. And it's a heavenly accompaniment to brownies and vanilla ice cream, among many other dishes. It promises an extraordinary culinary journey.

Origin: Andalusia, Spain

Best before date: Arrope, due to its long-term stability, does not require an expiration date. Store in a cool, dry place.

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