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Casas de Hualdo Harmony (3L CAN) - Arbequina & Picual Blend

Casas de Hualdo Harmony (3L CAN) - Arbequina & Picual Blend

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A versatile and fine blend

Due to the demand for an “all-purpose” olive oil, Casas de Hualdo created this format, a blend of  Picual and Arbequina.

With an effective double valve system for a comfortable and smooth pouring of the precious liquid, it allows being easily dosed without shocks or spills.


Pleasant and silky, it is an exquisite complement to many dishes. With a fine and soft structure, it is an ideal extra virgin for those who pursue suggestive nuances such as green grass and tomato, in balance with the fruity notes of green banana, apple or avocado.

Pair it with…

It is a very versatile EVOO for daily use, both on salads and for cooking. This coupage brings a subtle touch to beef tenderloin with mushrooms, baked potatoes and some beans with ham and poached egg. Try it with the prawns and garlic or in vegetable terrines. Delicious to dress some fusilli in mushroom and truffle sauce.

Arbequina variety:

Arbequina, a traditional Spanish olive variety, ranks as the second most popular variety in Spain in terms of crop area. The olive oil derived from Arbequina boasts aromatic, sweet, and fruity notes, accompanied by a subtle bitterness. Common aromas associated with this variety include green grass, tomato, apple, banana, and ripe fruit. Generally, oils produced from Arbequina olives exhibit low oxidation resistance. To address this, producers frequently blend Arbequina olive oil with other varieties to enhance overall stability in terms of aroma, body, and resistance to oxidation.

Picual variety:

The Picual olives are one of the most cultivated varieties of Spain. The olive oil extracted from Picual olives has a medium aromatic profile with pleasant notes of tomato, fig tree, olive leaf, and freshly cut grass. Its oil is also well known for its strong bitter- and spiciness. It is often mixed with other oil to soften its bitterness and enhance its fruity flavor. Thanks to its stability the olive oil extracted from Picual olive has a long shelf life and makes it stable for cooking or frying.

About Casas de Hualdo:

Casas de Hualdo is a relatively young family business working on 630 hectares with 285 000 olive trees. They planted their first olive tree in 1996 and had their first harvest in 1999. In the year 2009, they opened their mill and this is the point when the Casas de Hualdo story gets exciting. Just a few years later they become one of the most recognised olive oil producers of Spain with countless national and international awards won. We think Casas de Hualdo is the perfect example of finding the balance between utilising the latest technology while maintaining respect for traditions. The result is an exceptional quality olive oil.

ElOlivo review:

A fantastic cooking oil from Casas de Hualdo. As the name suggests, it is a harmonious and balanced blend of 75% of Arbequina and 25% of Piacual. The fruity notes such as banana and apple of Arbequina is the first you taste then the spiciness comes to remind us we are dealing with a blend. We recommend this oil to those who love the mild fruity oils and won't make any compromise in cooking in terms of taste and stability. We also tried this oil to dress our salads, it won't disappoint you.

Origin: Castilla–La Mancha, Spain

Harvest season: 2023/24

Best before date: 12/2025

Please note, all the product descriptions are only indicators for tasting the oils. When you choose olive oil always take into consideration your personal preferences, especially when it comes to bitterness and spiciness.

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