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Deortegas Coupage Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3L CAN) - Arbequina, Picual, Cornicabra & Hojiblanca Blend

Deortegas Coupage Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3L CAN) - Arbequina, Picual, Cornicabra & Hojiblanca Blend

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We regret to inform you that the Deortegas Farm faced challenges due to the dry spell in the Mediterranean this year. As a consequence, their yield was lower than expected. Therefore, in 2024, the Deortegas Family will only be able to offer Coupage and Arbequina olive oils in 3-liter cans from their larger format range. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and continued support during this time.

Deortegas Cornicabra Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

The Cornicabra variety is unique, it is very agreeable on the palate with a surprising combination of an almost sweet entrance and powerful end. This variety produces one of the most stable oils that exist, it has a high concentration of monounsaturated oleic acid, vitamin E and natural antioxidants to support the cardiovascular system.

Ideal in tortillas, with shellfish or meat and especially in stews and casseroles.

Cold-pressed. Produced with the greatest respect for the natural environment.

Acidity – 0.2% Oleic Acid.

Tasting notes:

Sight: An intense golden colour.

Smell: Grass, green tomato, artichoke and green almonds.

Taste: An agreeable and provocative combination of sweet and bitter.

Intensity: Medium.

Perfect pairings:

Ideal in tortillas or with shellfish and octopus. With pasta, in pizza dough, with artichokes or asparagus and especially in stews and casseroles.

Latest awards:

2021 - 98 Points in FLOS OLEI The international Guide of Extra Virgin olive oil, Italy

2020 - Prestige Gold in TERRAOLIVO Jerusalem, Israel

2020 - Gold Medal in JAPAN OLIVE OIL PRIZE Tokyo, Japan

2020 - Silver Medal in BIOL, Italy

2020 - 91 points in the IBER OLEUM GUIDE, Spain

2020 - Gold Medal in MONOCULTIVAR OLIVE OIL EXPO BIO 2020, Milan, Italy

Arbequina variety:

Olive oil made from Arbequina variety is aromatic, sweet and fruity with a little bitterness. Typical aromas: green grass, tomato, apple, banana, ripe fruit. Usually, oils made from the Arbequina variety has low oxidation resistance. Producers mix the Arbequina olive oil with other olive oil to increase the stability in terms of aroma, body and resistance to oxidation.

Picual variety:

The Picual olives are one of the most cultivated varieties of Spain. The olive oil extracted from Picual olives has a medium aromatic profile with pleasant notes of tomato, fig tree, olive leaf, and freshly cut grass. Its oil is also well known for its strong bitter- and spiciness. It is often mixed with other oil to soften its bitterness and enhance its fruity flavor. Thanks to its stability the olive oil extracted from Picual olive has a long shelf life and makes it stable for cooking or frying.

Cornicabra variety:

The oil extracted from Cornicabra olives has a high content of Oleocanthal. Typical aromas: green leaves, tomato and almond. Early harvested Cornicabra oil is intensively spicy and bitter. If the olives are harvested later in the season the oil can be more forgiving, sweet with notes of exotic fruits just as avocado. As it is a stable oil it is suitable for cooking and frying.

Hojiblanca variety:

Hojiblanca is the third most popular variety in Spain in terms of corp area. The provinces of Andalusia play a key role in Hojoblnca olive cultivation. Hojiblanca olives are used both for the production of table olives and olive oil. Olive Oil made from the Hojiblanca variety has a pleasant aroma of cut grass, fresh fruit with hints of almond, tomato and apple. The Olive Oil made from the Hojiblanca variety has intense fruitiness, slightly bitter, sweet and spicy.

About Almazara Deortegas:

Established in 2008, Almazara Deortegas is a vibrant, family-owned business operating on a sprawling 170-hectare estate with an impressive 33,000 olive trees. Despite its youthful existence, the Deortegas family boasts over 30 years of expertise in crafting organic olive oils. They are dedicated to maintaining a non-intensive traditional farming approach that places a strong emphasis on respect for the land, yielding exceptional organic olive oil as a result. Over time, the family has cultivated an integrated and sustainable agricultural model, ensuring that all by-products of olive oil production are recycled.

Almazara Deortegas stands as an exemplary organic company, inspiring us to cherish and protect our natural environment. Their extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) have earned numerous accolades on both the national (Spanish) and international stages. The Deortegas EVOOs are far from mass-produced; their focus is squarely on delivering quality and promoting sustainability.

ElOlivo review:

We were thrilled to taste the Deortegas Farm's beautiful blend, which combines the most popular olive varieties in Spain. Needless to say, we were not disappointed. The oil has delightful aromas of olive leaf, green tomato, and green banana, with hints of sweet dried fruit. Upon tasting, we detected flavors of olive leaf, green tomato, banana, and fig, with a finish of green almond. This versatile oil can be used for frying, sautéing, finishing, or dressing. Use it to cook a hearty stew or drizzle it on your favorite fish, steak, or pasta dish. It also pairs wonderfully with rocket leaves and parmesan cheese on sourdough bread. As Deortega's tasting notes suggest, feel free to experiment with this oil. You won't regret it! Enjoy.

Origin: Murcia, Spain

Harvest season: 2023/24

Best before date: 08/25

Please note, all the product descriptions are only indicators for tasting the oils. When you choose olive oil always take into consideration your personal preferences, especially when it comes to bitterness and spiciness.

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