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La Maja Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - 100% Koroneiki

La Maja Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - 100% Koroneiki

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La Maja "Limited Edition", EL, is the selection of La Maja’s best monovarietal oils, of unique, annual and "limited" production. "EL" is the result of years of work, carrying out tests with different varieties, both in their cultivation and in the extraction process, until achieving its essence: a genuine EVOO with its personality.

For years, La Maja has dedicated a large part of each campaign to making these EVOOs.

La Maja has tested the different stages of maturation, combining them with different degrees of humidity and modifying a multitude of production parameters (type of grinding, time and temperature of beating, etc.). to achieve the best expression of each variety.

A long study has concluded with the adaptation and individual optimization of the crop and the extraction process of each of the varieties La Maja works with. However, natural factors, such as the weather and the maturation of the olives, mean that it is not always possible to obtain an exceptional EVOO from each variety. But when La Maja achieves it, the result is so spectacular that it is worth the effort.

Tasting notes: 

Koroneiki variety (pink version) - Oil yellowish green, dense and full-bodied. Clean and very intense green aroma. Its flavor leads you to green banana peel; freshly cut grass and green apple, and to a lesser extent reminiscent of artichoke. On the palate it has a very pleasant bitterness that combines perfectly with the flavor of banana and apple, leaving a mild late itch.

Koroneiki variety:

The Koroneiki olive variety holds the top spot as the most favored in Greece, making up over 60% of the country's total olive production. This preference is largely due to the ability of the sturdy Koroneiki tree to yield high-quality oil. Beyond Greece, this olive variety has gained popularity in other countries, thanks to its remarkable adaptability to super high-density cultivation.
The olive oil derived from Koroneiki olives is known for its exceptional stability and positive organoleptic characteristics. It exhibits medium to high-intensity aromas, including hints of apple, almond, banana, and green grass. Furthermore, Koroneiki olive oil boasts a substantial oleic acid content, ranging between 76% and 80%.

About Agrícola La Maja

Agrícola La Maja is a family business founded in 1997. One of the family’s long term goals is to produce exceptional quality olive oils. They carefully control every step of the oil-production process. They are at the planting, they are at the harvest, the production and the packaging. Nothing proves their dedication to quality better than their many national and international awards.

Awards: "Alimentos de España" Award 2016, Top world oil price and quality relationship in 93 points Flos Olei 2013 guide, Silver Medal 2013 NYIOOC (New York), Gold Medal NYIOOC 2014 (New York), Best Of Class L.A.2014, Gold Medal Japan 2014, Gold Medal in Der Feinschmecker 2014; 2015/16 finalist in the "Magrama" Competition of the ministry of Spain.

ElOlivo review:

This oil is an interesting one, made from the olive of the greek Koroneiki variety, but cultivated in Spain. I won't get into the details of the climate or the soil, because this review would be more than 100 pages long. I’ll just jump in the middle; it delivers the typical aromas of Koroneiki such as green apple, banana peel, and green grass. It has also some notes of kiwi and a little touch of mint, which make this oil even more interesting. On the palate, the taste of green apple and banana peel is distinguished followed by some artichoke and green almond. It has medium bitterness and spiciness, which makes this oil quite ‘itchy’. Perfect 'table oil', its usage is versatile in the kitchen. It has a fairly good price so we use it even for cooking, but it will show its characteristics if you use it raw. Enjoy!

Origin: Navarra, Spain

Harvest season: 2022/23

Best before date: 01/02/2025

Please note, all the product descriptions are only indicators for tasting the oils. When you choose olive oil always take into consideration your personal preferences, especially when it comes to bitterness and spiciness.


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