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Lézi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - 100% Koroneiki

Lézi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - 100% Koroneiki

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Lézi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - 100% Koroneiki

At the foot of Ithomi Mountain, on step away from Ancient Messini, there is one small picturesque village called Lezi, also known nowadays as Lambena.

Lézi Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been awarded in various international competitions for it’s quality and packaging design.

Koroneiki variety:

The Koroneiki olive variety holds the top spot as the most favored in Greece, making up over 60% of the country's total olive production. This preference is largely due to the ability of the sturdy Koroneiki tree to yield high-quality oil. Beyond Greece, this olive variety has gained popularity in other countries, thanks to its remarkable adaptability to super high-density cultivation.
The olive oil derived from Koroneiki olives is known for its exceptional stability and positive organoleptic characteristics. It exhibits medium to high-intensity aromas, including hints of apple, almond, banana, and green grass. Furthermore, Koroneiki olive oil boasts a substantial oleic acid content, ranging between 76% and 80%.

About Theodoropoulos Family:

The Theodoropoulos Family has a small olive grove for three-generation near Massini, just a few minutes drive from Kalamata at the foot of Ithome Mountain. The name of the village where the Theodoropoulos Family lives is called Lézi nowadays known as Lambena. The member of the latest generation Thanasis, inspired by his grandfather, decided a few years ago that he is going to share the Family’s olive oil with the World. He loves the land and loves the olive trees and every bottle contains a piece of his heart. A true love story. The Theodoropoulos Family’s organic olive grove covers approximately 10 hectares with 1500 trees. Thanasis controls every aspect of the olive oil making process and makes sure that every bottle which leaves the family farm is perfect. From the soil to the soul, this is Lézi Olive Oil from the Theodoropoulos Family.

ElOlivo Review:

Before everything; the Lézi of the 22/23 harvest is different than last year, but this is the beauty if you are a small producer. I was talking with Thanasis when we tasted this year’s harvest and he told me they had perfect conditions last year therefore the quality of the harvest 22/23 oil is amazing. When we tasted the 22/23’s Lézi only two words came into our mind: grassy & balanced. It has gentle aromas of citrus apple and grass. On the palate, it delivers a clean vegetal taste along with citrus, and apple followed by notes of almonds. It comes with low bitterness and spiciness in perfect balance. We recommend this oil for every vegetable dish such as Ratatouille or roasted sweet potatoes with some organic leaves and a drip of Balsamic Vinegar. The mildest oil that you can find in our shop. If you are looking for an entry-level oil this is your go-to oil. We are sure you will love it as we do. Thank you Thanasis.

Origin: Peloponnese , Greece

Harvest season: 2022/23

Best before date: 09/09/2024

Please note, all the product descriptions are only indicators for tasting the oils. When you choose olive oil always take into consideration your personal preferences, especially when it comes to bitterness and spiciness. 

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