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MiOliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5L CAN) - 95% Arbequina 5% Empeltre, Arróniz, Picual

MiOliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5L CAN) - 95% Arbequina 5% Empeltre, Arróniz, Picual

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Extra virgin olive oil prepared with the Arbequina variety of olives. It is prepared cold within twelve hours of harvesting.

The olives for this oil are harvested already ripened (40% black), and this allows a production of an oil with a smooth aroma of sweet ripe fruit, with emphasis on banana and kiwi.

The other included varieties (always less than 5% of Empeltre, Arroniz, Picual) strengthen the aroma and provide both body and stability.

Tasting notes:

MiOliva is an oil with a ripe fruit aroma, nuances of green grass, sweet to taste with a very slight “bite” at the end.  

Arbequina variety:

Olive oil made from the Arbequina variety is aromatic, sweet and fruity with a little bitterness. Typical aromas: green grass, tomato, apple, banana, ripe fruit. Usually, oils made from the Arbequina olives have a low oxidation resistance. Producers mix the Arbequina olive oil with other olive oils to increase the stability in terms of aroma, body and resistance to oxidation.

Arróniz variety:

The Arróniz olive tree is mostly cultivated in the province of Navarra and Álava, as it adapts well to the cold and dry weather conditions of the area. The olive oil made from Arróniz olive has aromas of tomato and ripe fruits with a mild flavour and little bitterness. If it's harvested early in the season it presents higher levels of bitterness and spiciness. Olive oil made from Arróniz olives is stable, so it is suitable for frying.

Empeltre variety:

The Olive oil made from Empeltre olives is sweet with fruity aromas and has a mild taste. The Empltre olive tree adapts well to poor quality soil, but its yield is relatively high. Empeltre olives are mainly used for oil production. 

Picual variety:

The Picual olives are one of the most cultivated varieties of Spain. The olive oil extracted from Picual olives has a medium aromatic profile with pleasant notes of tomato, fig tree, olive leaf, and freshly cut grass. Its oil is also well known for its strong bitter- and spiciness. It is often mixed with other oil to soften its bitterness and enhance its fruity flavor. Thanks to its stability the olive oil extracted from Picual olive has a long shelf life and makes it stable for cooking or frying.

About Agrícola La Maja

Agrícola La Maja is a family business founded in 1997. One of the family’s long term goals is to produce exceptional quality olive oils. They carefully control every step of the oil-production process. They are at the planting, they are at the harvest, the production and the packaging. Nothing proves their dedication to quality better than their many national and international awards.

Awards: "Alimentos de España" Award 2016, Top world oil price and quality relationship in 93 points Flos Olei 2013 guide, Silver Medal 2013 NYIOOC (New York), Gold Medal NYIOOC 2014 (New York), Best Of Class L.A.2014, Gold Medal Japan 2014, Gold Medal in Der Feinschmecker 2014; 2015/16 finalist in the "Magrama" Competition of the ministry of Spain.

ElOlivo review:

This oil is a harmonious blend of Arbequina, Empeltre, Arroniz, and Picual varieties. The inclusion of Empeltre, Arroniz, and Picual varieties not only enhances the oil's stability but also makes it a versatile choice for a range of culinary uses. It's perfect for frying, stewing, preparing meat and fish dishes, baking, and more. The Arbequina oils, prized for their mild flavor, are our preferred option for salad dressings. Additionally, we use this oil to add a touch of softness and smoothness to our French-style baguette, creating a truly enjoyable taste. Feel free to experiment with this versatile oil!

Origin: Navarra, Spain

Harvest season: 2023/24

Best before date: 01/01/2026

Please note, all the product descriptions are only indicators for tasting the oils. When you choose olive oil always take into consideration your personal preferences, especially when it comes to bitterness and spiciness.

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Great all-rounder!

We have been buying this olive oil for some time now and are more than happy with the quality and value for money, the description is accurate and we agree it really is a very good quality oil! Great customer service too!!👍👏