Quattrociocchi Olio di Roma PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - 100% Itrana
Quattrociocchi Olio di Roma PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - 100% Itrana
Quattrociocchi Olio di Roma PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - 100% Itrana

Quattrociocchi Olio di Roma PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - 100% Itrana

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Quattrociocchi Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olio di Roma IGP (500ml) - 100% Itrana

Olio di Roma IGP is the epitome of the territory and local traditions, promoting biodiversity and sustainable agriculture. To obtain the IPG label, the oil must be produced, processed, and packaged within a specific geographical area and must possess certain characteristics closely linked to the origin territory. The entire production chain is subject to rigorous controls established by the specifications and must adhere to a series of criteria to guarantee its quality, origin, and authenticity.

Cultivar: Estate-grown

Altitude: Hillside (500m above sea level)

Soil: Pebble-rich

Cultivation System: Polyconic Vase

Planting Layout: 6 x 6

Harvest: Handpicked

Milling: Olives are picked and milled daily at the farm's oil mill.

Extraction: Cold-pressed using a continuous cycle.

Sensory Profile:

An intense and clear golden-green color with warm yellow reflections. It reveals an intense green fruity aroma with delicate notes of green olive. The profile is enriched by complex vegetal notes, including leaf, grass, artichoke, green tomato, and apple. Robust and full-bodied, with hints of celery, lettuce, and basil. The spicy and bitter tastes are pronounced yet pleasant and balanced. Notes of green almond contribute to the oil's elevated fragrance and quality. Ideal for lentil appetizers, carpaccio, soups, red meat starters, grilled wild game, and aged cheeses.

Itrana variety:

The Itrana olive, native to Lazio, Italy, is primarily utilized as a table olive due to its easily removable flesh. Its oil boasts notable fruity notes with a moderate level of bitterness and spiciness. Itrana Extra Virgin Olive Oil is distinguished by its remarkable aroma, reminiscent of freshly cut grass, artichoke, tomato, and green almond.

About Quattrociocchi:

The Quattrociocchi family has cultivated olives and crafted olive oil since 1888. Over the years, they've imparted their wisdom and customs to successive generations, ensuring future prosperity. Presently, they tend to 110 hectares housing 45,000 trees. Under the guidance of Americo Quattrociocchi, the third generation, the company has leveraged a century's worth of expertise in olive farming and milling to achieve immense international success. Quattrociocchi is synonymous with passion, reverence for tradition, and unparalleled quality in the realm of olive oil.

ElOlivo Review:

Just like our beloved Quattrociocchi Olivastro, this oil is made purely from 100% Itrana olives. What makes it special? It proudly carries the prestigious IGP label, showing it hails from a specific area. But more than just a geographical tag, the IGP label represents the enduring traditions and dedication to sustainability of Rome's people.

This fantastic oil isn't just a culinary treat; it's a symbol of the hard work and heritage of its producers. With its tempting scents of green olives, tomato leaves, celery, and hints of green apple, it's a unique sensory experience. And when it dances on your tongue, anticipate a burst of flavors – from crisp lettuce and tangy celery to the gentle warmth of basil and the subtle nuttiness of green almonds. It's a taste sensation that will leave you craving more.

We generously pour this liquid gold on almost anything edible – it's our secret weapon for transforming ordinary meals into something extraordinary. And if you're feeling adventurous, why not whip up a classic Aglio e Olio, enhanced with a drizzle of this exquisite oil, fresh parsley, and a sprinkle of chili?

So, savor every last drop of this authentic olive oil from Rome – it's not just food; it's a tribute to tradition and the beautiful connection between humans and nature. Buon appetito!

Origin: Lazio, Italy

Harvest season: 2023/24

Best before date: 12/08/2025

Please note, all the product descriptions are only indicators for tasting the oils. When you choose olive oil always take into consideration your personal preferences, especially when it comes to bitterness and spiciness.