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Viola Colleruita Dop Umbria Colli Assisi-Spoleto Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - Moraiolo, Frantoio & Leccino Blend

Viola Colleruita Dop Umbria Colli Assisi-Spoleto Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - Moraiolo, Frantoio & Leccino Blend

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Viola Colleruita Dop Umbria Colli Assisi-Spoleto Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - Moraiolo, Frantoio & Leccino Blend

“Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino varieties from the hills of Roviglieto and Scandolaro are used for COLLERUITA-DOP Umbria Extra Virgin Olive Oil Colli Assisi-Spoleto. Small-sized, low yielding olive trees whose life is closely related to the life of the people who take care of them between the earth and stones until the harvest. Only a careful selection of the fruits allows us to obtain this intense aromatic note of green olive; the balance between bitter and pungent flavour distinguishes this typical Umbrian extra virgin olive oil.” - Marco Viola 

Harvesting technique: picked by hand with manual or hand-held

pneumatic combs.

Harvest time: October and November

Crushing method: high-tech continuous mechanical crushing

Storage: reseal after use, keep it in a cool dry place far
away from heat and light sources.

Tasting notes:

Appearance: limpid after filtering.

Density: average fluidity.

Color: intense green.

Aroma: to the nose it is wide, elegant and enveloping, marked by an extraordinary complexity and persistence. Strong and rich in vegetal hints of artichoke leaf and chicory, along with aromatic notes of mint, sage and wild fennel.

Taste: the taste is complex and very elegant. It is distinguished by notes of thistle, heart of artichoke, lettuce and sweet almond on the finish. Balsamic and persistent, it has strong bitter and pungent nuances.

Recommendation for usage:

With its particular aromatic properties, this oil goes very well with tuna or swordfish carpaccio, soup with lentils and vegetable soups. Enhances grilled beef and lamb
ribs. Ideal for dressing porcini mushroom salad and vegetable au gratin. Excellent base for an extra virgin olive oil ice cream combined with a reduction of mixed berries.

Moraiolo variety:

Moraiolo is an Italian variety and originates from the Tuscany region. It is well known for the quality of oil it produces. The Moraiolo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a distinctively fruity oil with high intensity of bitter- and spiciness. Olive Oil made from the Moraiolo variety has pleasant aromas of fresh grass, green almond and artichoke.

Frantoio variety:

Frantoio is an Italian olive variety originally from the Tuscany region. Frantoio olives have excellent organoleptic characteristics therefore its EVOO is highly appreciated all around the World. The olive oil made from Frantoio olives has very high stability, which makes it suitable even for frying. Its oil has a fruity flavour with mild spicy and bitter notes. Typical aromas are fresh herb, tomato, lettuce, artichoke, apple, grain, rosemary, celery and almond.

Leccino variety:

Leccino is one of the rustic Italian varieties, mainly cultivated through Umbria and Tuscany. Nowadays it is expanding to the regions of Lazio, Puglia, Abruzzo, Campania and Marche. You can find Leccino olive trees all around the World, thanks to their good adaptability and high productivity. It is a well-appreciated olive due to its delicate flavour.  The oil made from Leccino olives is sweet with balanced spicy and bitterness. Typical aromas: escarole, artichoke, almond and black pepper.

About Azienda Agraria Viola:

There is a magical piece of land in Umbria, nestled between Assisi and Spoleto on the hills of Foligno. This is the home of the Viola family. The tale of Viola Olive Oil begins in the early 19th century when Biagio and Lucia passed on their love and passion for olive trees to their son, Ferdinando. As years passed, the moment arrived when Diamante, Ferdinando's son, transformed the family's passion for olive groves into a small family business.

Biagio Viola, the son of Diamante, ensured the company's prosperity while passing the Viola family legacy to the next generation - Marco. Marco comprehended the changes of modern days while carefully preserving the family's legacy and traditions. With his professionalism and environmental respect, the Viola name became synonymous with love for family and land, deep gratitude, and quality.

Marco's philosophy is that every bottle of Viola olive oil carries its own unique history. We also believe that each bottle of Viola Olive Oil is a part of the Viola Family history, making this oil truly remarkable.

The family farm spans 14 hectares with 5000 olive trees. Presently, they harvest olives from 65 hectares with 22,000 trees, producing olive oil in the family mill built in 1927, now equipped with the latest technology. A remarkable family with a rich history and beautiful olive oil - this is Azienda Agraria Viola.

ElOlivo Review:

Introducing another exquisite creation by the Viola family: a meticulously crafted blend of Moraiolo, Frantoio, and Leccino olive varieties. This exceptional oil presents a captivating aroma with hints of fresh vegetables, artichoke, and a delightful medley of green herbs like mint, sage, and chervil. Upon tasting, the palate is treated to the delightful flavours of artichoke, lettuce, and rocket, concluding with a pleasingly sweet almond aftertaste. The oil delivers robust spiciness and pungency that ultimately adds to its exceptional character and complexity. We reserve its use exclusively for enhancing the final touches or dressing of dishes. The versatility of this oil allows it to perfectly complement any culinary creation, inspiring endless experimentation. Indulge in the extraordinary experience it offers and savour every moment. Enjoy!

Origin: Umbria, Italy

Harvest season: 2023/24

Best before date: 30/06/2025

Please note, all the product descriptions are only indicators for tasting the oils. When you choose olive oil always take into consideration your personal preferences, especially when it comes to bitterness and spiciness.



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